Link e-mail template to workflow action

OJS 3.3.0-.10

When an author uploads a revision of his submission, an empty email is sent by OJS.
I can see a template ‘REVISED_VERSION_NOTIFY’ template, contents below:

  • Subject: Revision updated
  • To: Editor
  • {$editorialContactName}:

A revision of “{$submissionTitle}” was uploaded by the author {$authorName}.

URL : {$submissionUrl}


but the section editor keeps getting an empty (beside header and footer) email. so, How do i link an specific email template to a step in the workflow process. when creating an new template, i see no options to do so

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I also notice that the description is in Dutch (probably made by a colleague) but i cannot change it.

Hi @geejee66 ,

Guessing: do you have multilanguage OJS, that is English and Duch? If so, do you have the email template translated to the Duch as well?

Regards, Primož

Hi Primozs,

As far as i can determine, we do not have multilanguage OJS, only English. I’not sure how just this one template got translated into Dutch (could have happend a long, long time ago and every update it stayed)
more important: will changing it into English solve my problem and… If so, how can i change it? Directly in the OJS config/database?
best regards, Gert-Jan