Limit number of author names to six in NLM citationformat plugin?

Our journal ( uses NLM citation format for 20 years, so I need to implement that plugin to our reading tools.
I have modified NLM citationformat plugin existing at and it seems to work fine.
Some articles have plenty of authors. So I need to limit the number of displayed author names to 6 and then finish with (& et al.)
Some other plugins do that, but display only name of the first author. I searched a lot an forums, but couldn’t find a proper solution for that. I am not a programmer, but can make necessary modifications when explained.
Is it possible to do that, and how?

Hi @drugurkocak,

Unfortunately this will take a little bit of programming skill; I can’t guide you through making the modification, but if you get stuck on something specific, I may be able to provide guidance.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team