Let referee download manuscript before accepting to referee?

When searching for referees, it is usual in our community (maths) that the person asked to referee can download the paper to decide whether he accepts to referee or not. I don’t see how to do this in OJS3. It this possible ?

It is the last setting in Settings => Workflow => Review

edit: also see Adding the link to a submission file for a reviewer in OJS 3.0 · Issue #1875 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and patches

@ajnyga: thanks! but it doesn’t seem to work. In my settings “Enable one-click reviewer access.” is ON and
“Reviewers will have access to the submission file only after agreeing to review it.” if OFF, but when the referee clicks on the links he’s provided in the email, he can only see the abstract, not the full manuscript. (see below).
Is there something special to do to make it work ?

  1. what the referee sees when clicking on the link in the email:

Request for Review

You have been selected as a potential reviewer of the following submission. Below is an overview of the submission, as well as the timeline for this review. We hope that you are able to participate.
Article Title My first article

This is my first article…
View All Submission Details

Review Schedule
Editor’s Request
Response Due Date
Review Due Date

About Due Dates

  1. What the rerefee sees after clicking on “View All Submission Details”:

View All Submission Details
Close Panel
Examples: A, The
The optional subtitle will appear after a colon (:), following the main title.
List of Contributors
Name E-mail Role Primary Contact In Browse Lists
xxxxx xxx@xxx Author

Cover image
Submission Metadata

These specifications are based on the Dublin Core metadata set, an international standard used to describe journal content.
Additional Refinements

Did you check the link, there are two patches there that you need in order to see files already in step 1 of the review form.

Also, I think that the reviewer is getting the full text files as email attachments anyway?

I haven’t applied any patch yet. I’m using http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/download/ojs-3.0.2.tar.gz

And with this, no, there is no email attachment in the email sent to the reviewer :frowning:

That fix came after the original 3.0.2. release was done so that is the reason you are not seeing the files.

About the email attachments, I actually do not know if they should be there. I could be wrong with this one.