Lensgalley: <mixed-citation> display?


I’m trying to display JATSxml articles using Lensgalley plugin, but citations tagged as mixed-citation element don’t seem to work as such: Untagged text doesn’t show up, and best escenario seems to be that Lensgalley renders elements as if they were element citation elements
This is quite important because we need to be able to display references using Chicago style.

@ asmecher ?
Is there anything I can do from my end to solve this?

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Lens Viewer doesn’t support mixed citations.

You can try JATS Parser plugin, it also doesn’t support mixed citations but you can choose to display references from OJS (not from JATS): Release JATSParser_2.0 · Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin · GitHub

Thanks for your answer!
I thought about implementing your JATSParser, but it requires OJS theme with Bootstrap 4, and we’re using Bootstrap3 on our journal. We released the journals site just a month ago, so we don’t want to confuse people with new looks for now.

Could you explain to me why aren’t mixed citations supported on Lens and on your Parser?
I’m quite new to JATS, but it seems that mixed citations are the best practice… (this for example)

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Ps: also, thanks a lot for your work and your posting. they’ve been really helpfull. I’d be glad to help you if you want something translated to spanish, or anything I can do.

Mixed citations are not structured. Basically, it includes untaged text inside strictly structured JATS XML. The whole idea of JATS XML is to wrap article into a structure, where all article elements lie in there predefined places.

Practically, such citation cannot be converted into Bibtex on any other citation format.