Layout formatting software?

I know it is unrelated to OJS but here is the place probably many people will know the answer to my question.

As Layout formatting from MS Word file to a article type formatting PDF final file is not part of OJS it is done externaly. Do you know good software for layout formatting (and maybe automatic) as I think manually formatting in MS Word is a pain and quite time consuming? How do you format your articles for your journal?

Many Thanks!

Hi vebaev,

Please see this description of our new XML parsing stack, which handles these transformations: Article fulltext in XML for PMC

You could do your typesetting in CSS, or just use our stock layouts, if you were to adopt some of the functionality from this stack.


thanks axfelix , you saved my day :wink:

We use Adobe InDesign to produce the PDF. Do you know and use the Style panel to format the Text in Word? If you do, it could help to automatically format the document in InDesign with different layouts. For example, in our journal, a single-column Word is used for submission/review process. When it’s accepted for publication and edited by the copyeditor, we’ll import it into InDesign to make a two-column PDF. As long as you predefine the setting in the Style panel with the same name used in Word, the contents will be automatically aligned with the new format in InDesign. All you need to do is to adjust the positions of the Figures and Tables.