[ KUDOS PLUGIN ] Installation problem

Hello forum,
I’m having an issue with the KUDOS plugin
( GitHub - ubiquitypress/kudos: An OJS plugin for exporting KUDOS data to CSV. )
I tried to install this plugin in two ways:

  • copying the downloaded folder via ftp in plugins/importexport/
    I see the plugin in the plugins section and i can ENABLE / DISABLE this, but when I try to export I have a 500 server error…

  • using the “install a new plugin section”
    I create the .tar.gz file from the downloaded folder, and the result is this message: “The uploaded plugin archive does not contain a folder that corresponds to the plugin name”.

I’m using OJS
Does anyone know how to properly install this plugin?

Thanks in advance!

This plugin doesn’t appear to be complete.

It is a generic plugin (but probably could have been an import/export plugin for simplicity), so you would need to install it in the generic plugins category. It doesn’t, however, have a version.xml to allow for installing/enabling as a generic plugin. It also appears to depend on a kudos_emails database table, but doesn’t appear to create it.

It would take some development, or some manual monkey-wrench operations, to get it working.

You might want to check in with Ubiquity Press as the sponsor.

Thank you ctgraham! I’ll try to find more information about this