Keywords block plugin error

Hello @ctgraham and @asmecher

The keywords block plugin is shown in English and in Portuguese, but in Spanish, it is not shown, and also the following error appears:

  • d3.wordcloud.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: t.text.toLowerCase is not a function
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[OJS 3.1.1-4] I have the same problem with an OJS with 6 journals, but the keywords block is show in 5 of them only I have proble to one.

Captura de pantalla (540)

any help, thanks

Hi @Elena_Najera,

Would you mind posting your question in a new post, please? This is an older post - having a new post would add some visibility. And, just a note that OJS 3.1 is no longer supported by PKP - we recommend that you upgrade - that could help to address the issue as well if this issue has been addressed with a new version of OJS/the plugin.

Best regards,

PKP Team