Keyword Cloud Plugin

I am looking to find the control panel or some way to force the keyword cloud plugin to resync across a journal’s data. All our keyword data is 2 years old.
Thank you!

Hi @radjr,

The cache files for that plugin are in cache, and the filenames will start with fc-keywords. If your file permissions are set incorrectly and the plugin isn’t able to delete the existing cache files, then that might explain why old data is persisting.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec. Followup question please. What should be the permissions on the files and for the directory above it? CHeers!

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The webserver should be able to write to the files directory and all directories contained in it. Others should not generally be able to write to these directories. In Linux, this is usually done by a file owership by the web user and web group, such as “nobody:nobody” or “apache:apache” with directory permissions of 775 and file permissions of 664.

Hi Clinton and Alec,
The fc-keyword files fc-keywords_en_US-1,2,3.php are all set correctly with the -rw-r–r-- permissions. They also have recent dates…(3/6 or 3/7/16) so I it seems that they are being written, but the plugin never displays the correct word chart. We took it off the sidebar while we resolve this…but it is neat as it looks like abstract art and want to put it back. Suggestions? thanks , radjr

This might be off track, but are new articles are being submitted with keywords (Journal Setup Step 3.4 and each Article Metadata)? Do you see a difference in the metadata for the articles which are having the keywords indexed and those that aren’t?

Yes, the keywords box is checked in 3.4 of setup and we are entering the keyword metadata with each article. Is there a daemon that updates the cloud periodically?

No, the intent is that every time the plugin is displayed, it checks to see if the cache file needs to be regenerated. If the file needs to be regenerated, every published article is processed in realtime:

Well, we are at an impasse as the keyword data are in the article metadata and it seems that the data is not being picked up. One would expect the keywords to expire over time and be replaced with newer data? FIFO?

Do you see any difference in the metadata of the articles which are being indexed for keywords and those that are not? If you have Reading Tools turned on, perhaps you could provide a link to an article that is working and one that is not and we could take a look at the indexing metadata.

Another possibility is that a particular article is breaking the regeneration of the cache file part way through. Do you see any “PHP Fatal error” messages in your webserver’s error log?

Thanks. I can check. I need to find apache’s error log on this VPS!