Justboil.me uploader refuses to upload images

Hi there, the problem sounds easy but we are unable to tackle it. Help is much appreciated.

OJS uses the Justboil.me to upload images. TinyMCE works fine. Clicking the Justboil.me icon produces a small window to upload images. Selecting images is not problem.

But the upload is not working:
Upload in progress… This is taking longer than usual. An error may have occurred. View script’s output.

The script’s output reads:
The directory specified for uploaded files does not exist or is not writable.

However… the public folder and the folder in the public folder ARE writable.

We also checked that the public/site/images/ directory exists and is writeable.

Any idea where we should be looking to solve this?

Hi @Franklinx,

Sorry to insist, but how do you know it’s writable? Do you know under which user your apache PHP process is running? If you know, are you sure it has access to the public and the files folder? The files folder is used for temporary file uploads, not sure if that’s the case but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Are you experiencing this upload problem only with TinyMCE? Have you tried to upload a file into the system elsewhere already?


My ICT support tells me so:
drwxrwx— 4 apache apache 4096 Sep 26 2013 public

Upload problem is only with TinyMCE, yes.


Which version of OJS are you using?


Also check if you can the request/return results provided by your browser’s “network inspector” tool. I’ve found under certain mod_rewrite/base_url situations that the HTTP request URL was malformed and the resulting server error message can be informative.

OJS 2.4.6 but the problem occurred already some versions back. We decided to solve this ‘minor’ issue finally.

Mine uploads but it doesnot show. Any idea what is wrong here?

Hi @varshilmehta,

That’s not the same issue that this thread was originally about – could you post this as a new topic?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team