Justboil.me Image Upload Error

Hi, sudenly my tinyboil.me uploader is error again. It just loading all the time and the image never showed. Any suggestion ? I’m using ojs 3.0.2

Hi @mctosima

See this GitHub Issue: [OJS] justboil.me image uploader doesn't work when `public/site` does not exist · Issue #1919 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I.e. check that the public/site/ folder is there and with correct permissions and delete the cookie with the cookie_path=/plugins/generic/tinymce/plugins/justboil.me/ci/.


still didnt work. public/site/images/ folder is there and given permission 777 for all

i also delete everything inside cookie_path=/plugins/generic/tinymce/plugins/justboil.me/ci/.

Hi @mctosima

Hmmm… What do you mean with

i also delete everything inside cookie_path=/plugins/generic/tinymce/plugins/justboil.me/ci/

How did you do that?


Problem solved. Case closed by clearing browser cache. Thanks