JSON error when selecting uploaded files in OJS 3.3.x in diferent workflow stages with PHP8

Describe the issue or problem
On OJS 3.3.0-11, with PHP8.0, pn different workflow stages (review, copyediting…) when you click on “Upload / Select files” you get a 500 error.

The log revels the problem is related with function calls:

[21-Jul-2022 13:31:20 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of ManageQueryNoteFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles, $fileStage = null) must be compatible with ManageSubmissionFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles = null, $fileStage = null, ...$functionArgs) in /var/www/html/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/query/form/ManageQueryNoteFilesForm.inc.php on line 60

The example is with ManageQueryNoteFilesForm but it also happens with ManageCopyeditFilesForm.inc.php, ManageFinalDraftFilesForm.inc.php, ManageReviewFilesForm.inc.php or CategoryForm.inc.php…

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-11

Error appears on php8.0 with as far as the closure of the function execute() is not compatible (need to be called with the “…$functionArgs” param).

The issue is published in different posts in this forum and fixed by Dimitris in different issues:

Patches will be released with next 3.3.0-12 but if you are in a hurry, you can patch your 3.3.0-11 with all Dimitri’s fixes.

Thanks Dimitri for all your work.