Journal path in ojs3

Hello everyone
my question is this, so i have ojs 3.0.2 in a server and i created one journal call (Dental) and set the path to (t1)
when i logged in to files from c panel i can’t find the journal (Dental) files and i can’t see the path (t1) also. i need to make changes in the user&roles and setting tab.
anyone can help?


This paths you are searching are not in filesystem (not physical), are virtual and parsed in route rotine scripts to be accessed via browser , e.g.: .

But, changes you want to do are not related with this, but with backend. To modify it can be a little tricky, please see here:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi israel , thanks for the replay.
but i’m new to ojs so i never understand what is backend, is it the files in the lib/pkp/…??