Journal name shows up below journal image

Hello, I am trying to remove the journal name that is showing up below the journal image at this page . There are no text only options selected and I do not know here that text is coming from. Any hints please? thank you.

What are your settings in Journal Setup Step 5.3?

There are some known issues with configuring the header display which might mean that the only way to really do this is with creative CSS.

Thanks ctgraham. Where is the CSS for the pages? I would be happy drawing the text in the same background color to make is disappear. The text is a bit misleading. It implies text or graphic logo…and when the text is blank, you expect nothing to appear! Cheers! radjr

You can customize the CSS for the journal in Journal Setup Step 5.6.

User Home → Journal Manager → Setup → 5. The Look → 5.6 Journal Layout → Journal style sheet.

Yes, thank you…but where are the styles sheets located in the folders. Everything I have read suggests that we have t mess with the CSS to effectively margin the text off the page.

It is best not to modify the existing CSS files, but rather provide appropriate CSS rules as overrides in your custom uploaded stylesheet via Step Step 5.6.

You can view the current rules in effect by using your browser’s “Inspector” tool (press F12 in Windows), or a tool such as Firebug.

A lot of the CSS files themselves are in the styles folder but because these are loaded dynamically, this folder is not the best way to get a view on the current rules for a page.

Thank you. Sorry. Still looking for the location of the custom style sheets…not the CSS as you so kindly pointed out. Yes, I am a noob at this…but getting better thanks to all your help! :slight_smile:

After uploading in Journal Setup Step 5.6, the custom stylesheet is saved to the server in your “public” folder, under “journals”, then under the journal’s id number, then “journalStyleSheet.css”.

In your HTML output, it will be in the head, referenced after all core stylesheets, but before any plugin stylesheets.


We are still confused. We have one journal that displays the journal name below the graphic as explained above and we have another journal on the same server and installation that does NOT display the journal name. I have compared the “look” settings of both journals and they are indentical. Is seems that this journal name is stuck somewhere in the h1 tag even it the tag is empty. Note that there are no CSS files stored in the /public/journals/(number) folders. Just logo image files!

Page Header Logo Journal of Opioid Management

The two journals in question are

I appreciate any thoughts here. Thanks.

Double check Journal Setup 5.1 and 5.3 in both journals. I think you have a difference there.

Note that the header image disappears from IJMC on child pages such as About and Archives, but remains on the header image remains on About and Archives for JOM. You probably want just the “title image” selected in both 5.1 and 5.3.

Thanks, but that does not remove the black text “Journal of Opioid Management” that exists on the home page. And it removed the logo from all other pages…it is was not what we intended. Some text is jammed somewhere in a cached file. I noticed that in the /cache/t_compile folder there are numerous %%character…tpl.php files with older dates going back to the original install in 2013.

Do clear the template cache from the System Administrator menu. If the old cache files are not removed, there is probably a file permissions problem. If that is the case, you will need to remove the files manually and ensure that the web server user can read and write to the cache directory and all files and subdirectories under that.

t_cache t_config and t_compile are all set to 777 permissions. -rwxrwxrwx

there is nothing in the t_cache or t_config folders and t_compile has more files starting with %% but the system dates are current.

We will have the journal name displaying under the logo. Is there another cache? Do we need to restart apache like in the old days of IIS to reload something?

Folks, we are now sure that there is a bug in that once a name is placed in the 5.1 or 5.3, it stays there. Someone mentioned cache, but I am at a loss as to where it is. We restarted the server and one would think it would flush the cache! Thoughts please? Thank you!

Hi @radjr,

OJS keeps its cache files independently of the web server process. If you’re able to update the settings in the Setup area, but the old contents are sticking around, then it’s probably a file permissions problem with the contents of the cache directory. (There’s a FAQ entry on file permissions; 777 permissions are never safe to use.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Alec, we are still back to this issue… There is nothing in the t_cache folder and I am at a loss as to where else we should be checking.

Hi @radjr,

I meant the cache directory (i.e. .php files there), not cache/t_cache.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Alec, The cache directory contains lots of file like the following:


Are you suggesting we delete ALL the .php files in here?

And Permissions seem to be -rw-r–r-- for those PHP files

Hi @radjr,

You should be able to delete all .php files from cache/ and they’ll be regenerated as needed. (See also the related discussion in this thread.) Note that numeric permissions (755 etc.) are not enough – you’ll also need to know what SAPI your server is running PHP scripts as, and the file ownership information.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team