Journal Manager or Editor can edit Reviews

The more we work with our journal’s submissions, the more I am astounded that there is no way to override an accident made at the reviewing stage. By definition, an academic journal works with a clientele of literal “absent minded professors.” We have reviewers who forget to anonymize the metadata on their review file, who get halfway through typing a review and get confused and click “submit,” even ones who’ve accidentally uploaded a review for something else they were working on.

I fully understand the reasoning behind making reviews final, but I can’t fathom that the inability to get 100% perfect compliance with fully anonmyized reviewer files and absolutely no mistakes in the review is a phenomenon unique to our organization. Having someone in the OJS editorial chain of command who had the ability to edit reviews after they’ve been submitted would be an immense help.

I hope this functionality is coming in 3.0.

Hi @jessgri,

Editing reviews isn’t yet in the code for OJS 3.0, but we’ll take it under consideration.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team