Journal Manager asked to pay for access to PDF of article in specific journal

As the title says when a user with the role Journal manager attempts to access the hosted PDFs of a particular journal they’re asked to pay for access (using the Paypal plugin in our case).

I’ve compared users and roles on this journal to others on our site and they are identical, I’ve even spent time sifting through DB results to try and find differences, while I have found some altering them made no change.

At present I’m trying to find the code that actually grants access and (presumbly) checks the users role as I’m sure that will help me see what’s happening.

Any asssistance will be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just where look.

version is OJS

Thanks in advance!


Is this issue occurring for a journal hosted within a multi-journal installation? If so, does this Journal Manager also have that role for this particular journal?

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Hi @pmangahis,

Thanks for your reply, that’s a yes to both questions, as part of my debugging process I’ve been comparing the roles and the users of two separate journals to look for differences but to no avail…

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