Journal logo dimensions and alignment

I would like to make journal logo centered and to have the same width as the #main. IN my case
the #main is 57% of the page.
What is div of the journal logo and how to center it properly?


I think this is more of a general styling question than it is an OJS-specific question, and there may be better forums for assistance.

Personally, though, I find the browser’s “Inspector” tool to be invaluable in doing this kind of work.

Hello, inspector helped to identify that there are div elements that I have not found in the theme css file. So I created and defined them.
After defining those divs I got result that satisfies me.
I think that such things should be documented in more details in OJS documentation. If needed, I am willing to volunteer in that work.


Good to hear, @vvucic. Contributions that benefit the wider community are always encouraged.

Out of curiosity, where was the first place you looked for documentation on customizing the look?

I looked in wiki pages Customizing OJS firstly, and after that looked in other OJS wiki pages and Documentation/manual on using OJS.

However, I need the journal header image to stretch when browser resolution changes. The higher reolutions make it shorter or longer than expected.

You probably need to look into some responsive web design strategies:

I am looking for different css tricks. Actually, the journal image does have fixed width, but the rest is expressed in percentages.

OJS site is

On some screens it looks nice, but on some the journal image is shorter than header title.
After finishing that OJS installation I am moving to another one for one journal established by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering here.