Journal login issue

We are (still) running with 5 journals. While it has been working fine, I have noticed from time to time that one journal (repeatedly) goes offline and is inaccessible even to admins. When I log in as admin (and an editor has also reported this) and try to navigate to the administration dashboard of the journal, it gives me the following message: “The page isn’t redirecting properly, An error occurred during a connection to This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.” I have tried to clear all cache, cookies, and data, and close the browser, but when I try to access the journal’s admin dashboard, it goes to the same message. If it’s just a matter of the browser not refreshing, why isn’t it an issue with other journals where I can access the admin dashboard? The public interface is accessible though so this is not an outage, but it is definitely occurring with one journal. Any thoughts, suggestions, or pointers? Would any of the Administrative functions help here like clearing data cache, expire user sessions, clear scheduled task execution logs resolve this? I have never used these features, but this may eplain why this may be specific to one journal. Thank you in advance!
-Arjun (@asabhar)