Journal editor's permissions greyed/faded out

Why are the permissions - Submission, Review, Copyediting - greyed or faded out when it comes to my journal editor role? I’m using OJS
Niels Erik

See: [OJS] Current Roles listing and user rights are not transparent · Issue #2849 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub (a more complete pr to solve this was included in 3.1.1.)

In short: with editor roles (JM, ProdE, JE) it does not matter what checkboxes you have selected there. For example the “production editor” can access the review stage in all submissions even if it looks like according to the checkboxes that she can’t.

That is why I suggested that in the above issue that this is misleading and that the boxes should be disabled for the those roles. If the system starts to support a feature where you can limit the access of those roles, then of course this should be changed back.