Journal editor unable to unpublish a article


I’m using OJS 3.2.1-1 and postgres.
A specific journal editor is unable to unpublish a article.
Error: “you don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow”

But the permissions looks ok.

Tarcisio Pereira

Hi @Tarcisio_Pereira,

Is this editor also assigned as a reviewer or author on the submission?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

No, but she has two others roles assignments.
She has “Zoological Nomenclature Record” and “Similarity Check” roles.
Both are custom roles (Assistant permission level) added by this journal and both are allowed to submission and production stage.

Tarcisio Pereira.

Hi @asmecher

Some news about this one?
This problem started to happen in other journals as well.

Tarcisio Pereira.

The problem might have something to do with your role during the history of the respective submission(s). I have observed that you are blocked from unpublishing if you were involved in the history of the particular submission; it does not help if you are a journal manager.
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