Journal doesn't shows listed in PKP Preservation Network

We were trying to register the journal in DOAJ as they reported we didn’t had our journal archieved. I checked it and although our journal have all the plugins enabled (PKP Preservation Network e LOCKSS) the journal doesn’t show in the list of preserved in the PKP PN.

The plugins were enabled, disabled and enabled again, we contacted our journal institution for support, yet to no avail.

Do we have to do any other thing? Or upload it somewhere? I’m tottaly clueless.

Open Journal Systems

The Journal Identifier: B985C61A-9370-419B-85C1-1DF08CB68F37


Things look fine from the PKP|PN side, except that there are no deposits yet; I suspect you may have only recently accepted the terms of use within the plugin? If that’s the case, you should expect to see the deposits appearing over the next few days. (These can take a while for the PKP|PN service to harvest and deposit.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

The plugin was configured to be automatically enabled to all journals from our instituition, so we didn’t thought much of this. This time we enabled and accepted the terms manually, but I’m still not sure if is that the case. I’ll keep an eye. Thank you for the fast reply.

Best regards,
Susan Thiery.

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