Journal appearance keeps resetting

Hello, I would like your help in solving and issue with the appearance of our journal.

We have been using Open Journal Systems, for almost three years now, without a problem. This morning the look of the Journal reverted to a basic look, not the one from our style sheet, and the information in the front page seems missing. If you look at it, it looks like the journal is “down”. But in the configuration, I can still see our settings, banner, style sheet, etc. Therefore, if I push “Save” in the step 5 of the configuration process, I can see again the look from the style sheet. But the minute I navigate to other pages, it goes back to the basic style, and the information is missing again.

Have you any advice for this situation?
Heres the way the journal looks now:

Here’s an example of how it used to look.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @EGE,

May it be related with a server issue? I mean, there’s multiple pages on your installation that throw the error “DB Error: Got error 28 from storage engine”. See for example, the journal issue pages such as:

And as you can read here, it seems to be a server disk space problem. Maybe that’s why your saved configuration is not really saved. And then no theme CSS is loaded except default ones.

So there should be something that’s eating your space. If it’s OJS, try to empty the cache and template cache files on the Adminstrator section.

And you may change your first screenshot. Your login username is not blurred there :wink:



Hi, @andymp:

Thank you for your answer. My first concern was the Journal’s appearance, and then i noticed the actual contents were missing!, and saw the error you mentioned.

i’ve notified my IT admin, hope they can give us an answer soon.

Thanks again for your help!