JATS Parser Plugin with Manuscript (child theme)


Does anyone knows if JATS Parser Plugin can be used with Manuscript OJS Child Theme? We’ve done a lot of code work for customization but are very, very interested on using this plugin. It may somehow be possible? Our OJS version now is, but I don’t see available oldGregg Theme in it. We’re planing anyhow upgrading to, but first off want to make sure if it’s definitely needed in order to use the plugin. The site using Manuscript Theme is http://iifilologicas.unam.mx/senderosFilologicos
Or if neccesary to switch to Bootstrap oldGregg, would you think we may get something kind of alike in customization??

 We very much appreciate your response. 

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Hi @alejandro_shuttera

The new version cannot be used with Manuscript child theme by default. Now it renders only the galley page and not includes the XML into article landing page.
In order to work it require Bootstrap to be loaded by the theme.
Probably, the best option would be creating a child of Manuscript child theme and upload Bootstrap for XML galley page. It can require some skills in PHP. Are you comfortable with creating a child theme? The link to the guide: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/pkp-theming-guide/en/

Thank you, Vitaliy,
So, OJS won’t be using Manuscript child theme, if I understand well? We would totally leaned to upgrading, but wouldn’t like to loose all the code work we’ve done in that theme. So, the solution for that would be creating a child theme for Manuscript child theme? If we do so in and have the PHP required version of 7.1 (by the way, 7.0 is not enough?) the JATS Parser Plugin would work ok? Other question, apologizing in advance for my ignorance: what do you mean exactly by new version “not includes the XML into article landing page”? It won’t show the icon XML into the Table of contents along with the other formats (PDF, HTML, etc.)?
I appreciate very much your kind response, Regards,

Some time ago I’ve created a child theme for Default Manuscript Child theme with the only difference - it showed JATS XML galley as HTML on article landing page, rather than on a separate page. I have been dropping the support for this theme in favor to Old Gregg theme (that does the same thing) and JATS Parser Plugin.

Original Default Manuscript theme as far as I know is supported. I’ve tested it recently with OJS 3.1.1-4 and it worked fine.

If you are planning to use JATS Parser plugin with the original theme you will need to make some additional work regarding uploading Bootstrap. The best way is to create a child theme for Manuscript that will load Bootstrap for XML galley page.

Thank you Vitaliy. We’ll try to do this way. We do really appreciate your advice…

I’ll let know if we succeeded.


Hello Vitaliy,

We’ve installed the latest version of OJS 3 ( and can’t wait to try both the OldGregg Theme and the JATS XML Parser Plugin. I see the requirements of the latter. Seems to be enough, but I’m not sure about the PHP version. Here a few screenshots:

Do you think it would be enough? (hopefully so).
Thank you, again, very much,

Hello Vitaliy,

We’ve finally installed with PHP version 7.3 but it doesn’t render the XML galley just like the demos shown: https://github.com/Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin. This is the System Information:

We are already runnning on the OldGregg theme, the JATS Parser plugin is activated and Lens Viewer turned off.

But seems there is an error we don’t get to identify why. When we upload PDF’s or HTML’s seems to work ok, but not on our JATS XML’s:


Do you know what could be causing this?

OldGregg Theme is actually pretty cool. Congrats by the way (this is our testing Home Page). Just we need to make sure we could be able to use the JATS Parser like the demos shown.

 Thanks a lot. We do really appreciate,