iThenticate Plugin MyJournal_path value

Good day! Can you help me?
With the help of an example. What does username[MyJournal_path] mean in MyJournal_path?
The file system? /var/www/eaxample/site… or a URL?
if file system
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Note that this feature is only available in the latest pre-release of the plugin. If you are using v1.0.5-1 or earlier, only the single username and password for all journals is available in If you are using the pre-release version of the plugin, you can also set the username and password per-journal directly in the plugin settings, skipping entirely.

For the pre-release version:

The “MyJournal_path” refers to the same pattern as is present in the base_url configration, earlier in

; Base URL override settings: Entries like the following examples can
; be used to override the base URLs used by OJS. If you want to use a
; proxy to rewrite URLs to OJS, configure your proxy's URL here.
; Syntax: base_url[journal_path] =
; To override URLs that aren't part of a particular journal, use a
; journal_path of "index".
; Examples:
; base_url[index] =
; base_url[myJournal] =
; base_url[myOtherJournal] =

If you have configured:

base_url[myJournal] =

then, you can configure an iThenticate username/password specific to myJournal with:

username[myJournal] = myJournalUser
password[myJournal] = myPassword

Using the username and password settings without specifying a journal path will apply to all journals which don’t have a path-based setting to supersede it.

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I have question, if i have more journals in ojs, what is the configuration?

The plugin will automatically recreate a folder in iThenticate for each journal. In v.1.0.5-1 release, only the site-wide credentials will be used to connect. In future releases, you can configure different credentials for each journal.