Issues with locales and languages after migrating to a new server


We have an intallation of 2.4.6. We recently move our installation to a new server. After the migration no dropdown related to the language setting is populated, nor in admin login neither in journal manage. I have attached a snapshot of site administration->languages.

The list of locales available to install is missing, I inspected the dropdown. It seems it has the two languages we had installed correctly, but lists them as empty items:

<option value="en_US" selected="selected"></option>
<option value="fr_CA"></option>

I have also checked registry/locale.xml. It matches with the version available in github.

I had cleared cache folder contents (keeping the subdirectories) on the new server. Also I checked AppLocale::getAllLocales returns an array with no item in classes/journal/, &getSupportedLocaleNames method.

Please assist.


It turned out to be cache/fc-locale-list.php did not have the right data for some reason. I deleted that file and after it got generated again it had all the data and the dropdowns are fixed.