Issues from different journals mixed up in multi-journal installation (OJS

We stumpled upon an issue with the issue-IDs in OJS, but this might be a problem for multi-journal installations in general.

You can access issues from other journals just by entering the issue ID as part of the URL. You don’t have to enter the correct journal ID.

Here are two examples from two different journals, both part of our multi-journal installation at

Issue from InterDisciplines (InDi):

Issue from JSSE:

If you enter
you will get to the journal “Inter Disciplines” but you will see the issue from the JSSE!

The other way round is also possible (URL from JSSE, with Issue ID from InterDisciplines)

I think, this shouldn’t be possible and you should get an 404 error if you enter an ID that does not exist for this very journal, also the ID might exist in another journal.

We stumpled upon this problem because due to our migration all issue IDs have changed. In many cases the “old” issue IDs won’t work anymore because they don’t exist in the new multi-journal system, but in some cases the IDs still exist, but for another journal. You will now get to the correct journal, but you will see an issue from another journal.

Can this somehow be fixed?

Btw: The articles are NOT mixed up in this way - the IDs are separated and the IDs from one journal can’t be accessed via another journal’s URL. Here’s an example

Article from InDi:

Article from JSSE:

Article with InDi-URL and JSSE-ID = 404

Vice versa = 404

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

With apologies for the delay in responding – you’re absolutely right, there is a check missing!

I’ve filed this and added a fix here:

(Any of the linked commits will fix it; they are just applied to different branches.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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