Issues for users from China


Some users from China report broken website when they click New Submission button. I could not reproduce the error using their account from a location in Europe. Everything worked well from Europe.
They sent me a screenshoot, please see attached. May the problem be related to http and https?

Thanks all for your support.

  • Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2
  • Users from China experience broken website when they are logged in and click on the New Submission button.
  • Steps you took leading up to the issue: see above
  • What you tried to resolve the issue: I logged in (from Europe) into the problematic account and clicked New Submission, but it worked well from Europe.
  • Screenshots: see attached
  • Error log messages if applicable: see the screenshot.


My first suggestion is to edit your file and set enable_cdn to “off” because otherwise your journal will try to load javascript files from Google’s CDN and Google is blocked in China.


Thanks a lot @jnugent
Do you think that would impact OJS performance?

Best regards,

No, I don’t think so. Those are static javascript files and require no database queries to serve up once the page is assembled.