Issues after upgrading from 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.0-3

Recently upgraded from 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.0-3. First testing cycle done, before moving to live.
Found the following issues:

  1. Custom blocks in right column were not inherited in 3.2.0-3. We had an image, a text for ISSN, and Keyword Cloud Block plugin. We can solve this by re-creating the blocks. In the plugins section both the image block and the ISSN block are present and enabled, but are not displayed in sidecol. However, Keyword Cloud Block, appears uninstalled in our 3.2.0-3 version after upgrading.

  2. Submissions already assigned to Future Issues are not displayed. We got the number of items assigned to Future Issues, but none of the submissiones are listed in the issue.

  3. We have DOI plugin in source 3.1.1-4 OJS instance. DOI plugin settings in 3.2.0-3 inherited all source parameters, except the publishing objects selection, which came empty. We had “Articles” selected in source 3.1.1-4, but in 3.2.0-3 is not selected.

Any idea what went wrong and how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi @jascanio,

In order to keep the forum organized we ask that you post these as 3 different questions and delete the original post. That way each question can be address separately.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @pmangahis,
Ok. I’ll create three separate topics and delete this one.
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