Issue with Shibboleth Plugin

I’m running into an issue with the Shibboleth plugin causing an issue with login. Whenever you try to login with the plugin installed it won’t allow the user to connect to the login page and errors out with to many redirects. When I delete the plugin from our server it fixes the problem, however we would like it have it working correctly. Thank you for any help on the issue.

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What version of OJS are you using? Please also share the details of how you have configured Shibboleth on your server.

I’m using, and I’ve only configured the settings in the config file of the OJS installation and activated it in the dashboard. It wasn’t causing any issues until recently.

So the plugin has been working on the same server with the same configuration until just recently? Are you hosted via a hosting provider or do you provide your own server administration? Any recent changes / upgrades which we should consider?

Has some documentation to use this plugin?


There is not specific documentation beyond the information on the settings form, but I think it would be good to pull some together. Are you familiar with Shibboleth in general? If so, what specific questions should the documentation answer?

Unfortunately I’m not, I was looking for information to test this method of authentication in my new OJS.

But, thank you!

Shibboleth will generally be used when multiple institutions federate together to share identity management. This plugin will enable OJS to integrate with a Shibboleth Service Provider which you would install within the webserver. The Shibboleth SP would integrate with an existing Shibboleth Identity Provider within your institution.

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