Issue with RSS?

I do not know how, but in my OJS, Google came to this page:

I came to this URL and others through a Google indexing errors report, but where can I find a link to this page?

and apparently, if I follow the links on the buttons, RSS and Atom are bad.

here other URL with issue:

this is normal?? or some bug?

Do you have rss extension in your browser so you can check whether you receive rss feeds or not?

yes I have an extension but just show error “HTTP ERROR 500”

Please post php error log. Please check/search this forum. I am sure that there were several posts on that topic. Please check permissions of your folder that you use for ojs-sata/uploaded files.

Hi @t4x0n,

I think this is a left-over from OJS 2.4.x.
@asmecher, shall we remove these notifications till they are improved/migrated ?


Hi @bozana,

maybe some piece of code is from OJS 2.4.x, but notifications page is still working on OJS 3, and shows this when I am logged in:

hi @asmecher, maybe the three buttons (RRS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0) are left-over because they are not working in no one of my sites (all with OJS 3)

and another little thing, when I use the extension for RSS (on the homepage) this not shows some info about each RSS to subscribe:


Hi all –

Yes, I think those icons are leftovers from OJS 2.x and the necessary code to support those feeds is probably not working at the moment. I’d suggest removing them. The notifications infrastructure needs some more fundamental work before those should be re-added (if they’re still necessary).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I add this to GitHub for not forget this issue :wink: [OJS] RSS buttons left-over from OJS 2.x · Issue #3412 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub