Issue with Imports

I’m currently in the process of exporting journal issues from a a 2.4 build to a 3.1.1 build and am having what seems like a trivial issue, but it’s consuming more time then I’d like and was wondering if there something else I can do. When uploading the issues to the new OJS it is setting the open access date to the original publishing date which we would like to change and instead have it set into the future. It wouldn’t be a big deal, however I’m working on transferring issues from ten journals which is over a thousand issues total, going into each journal and and individually changing each issues open access date is really slowing down our work and hope there is a way to alleviate this issue. Thanks.

Hi @Ariton,

Are you using native XML export/import? I think that is not supported.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs

I am using the native XML export/import, and it works fine in how I’m moving data from the old site to the new site. What I’ve done is create a reusable VM that when I export from the old site then import to the VM then upgrade to the same version on the new website export from the VM then import to the new site. The issue is that when I import them into the new site they read as open access and I have to currently manually go and change the open access date, which is slowing our work down considerably. I want to know if there’s a way to make sure they don’t import to the new site set as open access.