Issue with Administrative Dashboard

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I have some issues, I have removed some submissions which were duplicated by us, those were somehow in archives and active tabs, we have removed the one we dont need… What I can see is when I try to click on All active tab, it returns record but half of the page is empty and other pages empty as well… upon debugging I can see there is empty item in class class=“listPanel__item”

Upon set errors option to on from settings file, there is no error showing on the screen for debugging… can someone help me in?

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Hi @doneforyou,

Can you please indicate which version you’re using (e.g. 3.30-8)? Also, it might be helpful if you were able to check your php error logs and post relevant output here as well.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis thank you for your reply

Please see the attached sceenshotEmpty

we are using version

@rcgillis any luck with the isaue?

Hi @doneforyou,

The screenshot doesn’t provide a whole lot of indication for what the issue is. Are you able to provide output from your PHP error logs?

PKP Team