Issue view page is very slow, takes 8+ seconds to load - OJS 3

I’ve an almost fresh installation of OJS 3.1.1-4 on a dedicated VPS having zero (0) load. Front-end, admin panel, all pages opens really fast (browser console > network says ~150ms) except /index.php/journalname/issue/view/XX . These pages takes at least eight (8) seconds to load.

Server is fresh and has no load, literally zero.
Mariadb slow query has no slow queries (regular OJS pages, admin panel opens really fast)
No errors in apache logs

I suspect issue view page tries to do a request to some remote service to get some data or something like that and that’s why it takes 8+ seconds to load. It’s always between 8-9 seconds.

Any idea?

Hi @ergec, if you haven’t already done, can you please check the Network tab of your browser’s developer console and see if everything is loading fine? Just want to make sure all external scripts are loading okay and are not blocked by your server and if any of the OJS related scripts are delaying the response, it will be easy to find out there.

Hi @jamshidhashimi,
There is no problem on client side. All files load ok after server response. Problem is server response itself.

Here is About Journal Page wich loads fast

And here is issue view page, it takes minimum 8+ (sometimes 10) seconds to server response

Only issue view pages have this problem. Other pages, admin panel e.t.c are all fine.

Hi @ergec,

Are you able to log external requests from the server (eg - curl)? If you’ve already checked the SQL queries, my first guess would be that there is some external service being pinged.

What’s the load time on the search results? And a single article landing page? If it’s a problem on the issue table of contents, it could be because something that fires for each article is firing for 10-15 of them.

@NateWr surprisingly it’s seems to be fixed by itself, or if it was a remote connection failure remote server is fixed by ojs admins or whoever control it. I have no idea what happened but it’s definitely out of my control.

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