Issue Order of Archive Issues

Two questions please: These arise because we are adding old issues to our OJS installation and as the issues are created and added, we have to go through a tedious process of reordering all issues.

  1. When a custom issue order is reset, what issue metadata is used to resort the list?

  2. Is there a faster way to change the customer issue order in the archives than using the order arrows?

Thank you!

I am not ully sure what is your question NO. 1. Please be more detailed.
As far as question No 2 is concerned it isd always best to publish according to chronological order which does not require ordering. If otherwise, Order with arrows/drag up or down is the best according to my experience.

Thank you

Regarding #1: When issues are created, they can be ordered for display. If the “reset order” link is pressed, the list will be resorted. What issue metadata is used to resort the list? Is it the issue creation date that us used to resort the list or is it a system date that the issue was create…or maybe some other metadata on the issue?

Regarding #2: Is there a way to manually update the display order fields in the database?

Thank you!

As far as I see it usses teh date when it is created. However, you can change that date which might be useful when making archives of issues published years ago. I Noticed that it version 3.0.2 it did not reordered automatically so I changed order by clicking on Order and reordering manually.

As far as #2 is concerned you can do that manually, but I would suggest not to touch database if not needed since someone who is not skilled can mess up things there.
It is better to do that via interface.


Thanks. We are using These are back issues that were published before we were on OJS.
So to confirm, it is the issue Publish Date that is used to sort the list. Thx.

Interesting enough. The Issue Publish Data is only changeable once the issue is published. At that time you can modify the publish date but the issue will not be resorted and put in its proper position. Too afraid to click the " Reset article publication dates" button as it may screw up all the dates!

I think that you should upgrade to the last version of 2.4. branch and after some time consider upgrading to 3.X.

Hello Everybody.

I use ojs, postgres 9.6, linux system.

Problem with order issues archives. In “Back issues” they are ordered correctly but in “web page” listing this:

In back Issues


it seems that the “order” option does not work for me.

Hi @cristianviza,

See Unable to Order back issues · Issue #3705 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

We have exactly the same problem in OJS Paleontological serials are titled alphabetically and published in a non-sequential, random order. It is easiest for readers to have the items arranged alphabetically by Part (Part A, Part B, etc.), rather than by publication date.

We have ordered the items alphabetically in the Issues > Back Issues tab, but that is not reflected in the Archives on the public site. This worked in OJS 2, but has broken in OJS 3. No matter what I do, the order is by publication date.

Hi @mreedks,

The issue linked above is filed against OJS 3.1.1-4, so it should be corrected with that release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you, Alec! I’ll let my system administrators know so that we can plan the upgrade to