Issue galley format file

I would like to make an isssue pdf (we are still testing OJS).

Where can I find an isssue galley format file to try to do this?
Is there any site on the Internet from which I can download it?


Please your cooperation or guide for the following …

I have a problem with images of articles published in the Journal Hacendaria.

Only with Internet Explorer (Chrome, Opera, FireFox works correctly) …

By accessing the OJS with Internet Explorer and publication of articles in HTML format, the images contained in the article (.png), can not be displayed.

OJS is designed to be accessed by the browser you want to use the reader and should not give any problems like these that are reported.

Thus … or is it an exception?

Hi @ania,

Are you looking for where to upload an issue galley, or how to make one? This is typically a PDF containing all the articles from the issue, and it would be produced outside of OJS.

@Willy, please do not threadjack – it clutters the forum. Post your question as a new topic, or if there is already a topic open for this, follow up there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team