Issue displaying the information block

Hi. So I’ve tried some things to get this fixed, but I can’t understand what’s wrong with it. Please keep in mind that I don’t have access to the files from the server.
So the issue is that my Information block appears like this:
If I select English, it appears how it should, but when I select Romanian it doesn’t look quite right.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

I think it is because in Romanian we have diacritics, and information should be translated as “Informații”, but I don’t know how to fix it…

Hi @Andrei_Stelian,

When you see a piece of text with the ## surrounding it, that means that the translation for that particular piece of text is missing for your language (or locale as we refer to it in the software). One thing you can do to change this is use the custom locale plugin (you may have to get your systems adminstrators to install it), which is documented here: Customize a Translation Locally - or if you’re interested you contribute to the Romanian translation for the software (the guide that I linked to provides more information on how to do that) - this would help to ensure that the translation gets updated as new versions of PKP software get released.

PKP team