Isn't there a different url to different languages?

OJS 3.1.1-4

I’m trying to link some contents in my OJS from an external site.

My OJS is in 3 languages, but I see that a different url is not built for each laguange, e.g., …/about has the same url for either language, the reader hence being forced to select her/his language from the language block as my OJS default languange is Spanish.

In my source urls in the external site, can I add any sort of parameter to the url so as the destination content in OJS is rendered in the desired language when the reader reaches it?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @jascanio,

See this thread: How to force links into specific locales? - #6 by Thiago

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,
Thanks for your quick reply!
I’ll have a look to the thread.