Is there any open conference system version compatible with php 7

The latest open conference versions are giving compatibility issue with php 7 which is my college server. Is there an earlier version that I can use? Or any prediction of a new compatible version? Or some way to change the source code to change this bug?

Hi @sapehdra,

I would suggest using PHP5.6 if it’s an option. PHP7 introduced new classes and other changes that conflict with code that’s already in OCS; while it’s possible to adapt OCS to work around these conflicts, it would take a bit of digging. See The Future Of OCS for the latest news about that software (though our timeline is in need of updating).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Unfortunately I do not have the option to change the php version. I will use OJS 3.0.2 for submission of the articles of the event and a separate site for other needs for this event.

Thanks anyway!

I will wait for the next version of OCS and use it for the next event!

PHP 5 has now reached end of life and is no longer receiving security updates. Are then any plans for a release of OCS that is compatible with PHP 7?