Is there a way to stop DOIs being assigned to an information page at the start of an issue?

  • Application Version - OJS

Hello all,

One of our editors has asked if it’s possible for OJS not to assign DOIs for pages such as one that solely includes infomation about the issue, editors and publishing institution. We currently have the platform set to assign DOIs for issues and articles only, but the page that contains information about the journal’s editing staff (‘Front Matter’) has received a DOI also.

Or is it something that we cannot stop? We use Crossref and pay per registration, so if we can stop assigning DOIs to pages that don’t require them, it’d save some of our budget.

Many thanks.

Hello @michellemayer,

I tested it a bit and I believe this isn’t something that can be set up with the DOI plugin as-is. Your best option is do manual clean up/deposit to CrossRef but the time spent on that would probably undo the savings from the extra deposits.

The idea of being able to filter out sections (such as putting staff information in a Front Matter section and then being able to remove the Front Matter section from DOI assignment) is a good one, though. It may be worth making a feature/enhancement request for, which I’d be happy to do once I make absolutely sure there isn’t a way to do this. :slight_smile:


Hi Emma,

Many thanks for the reply. My apologies for the delay in my reply; I’ve only just returned from annual leave.

I’ve forwarded your response to the technical editor who raised the query and will see what she would like to do. If the only way to prevent this happening is to upload manually, then we can revert back to myself uploading the DOIs manually.

If this could be a future feature, that’d be fab. Am I correct in thinking that it was possible to previously do this in V2, or did I make this up?

Many thanks again and I look forward to any future updates on this.

My best wishes.

Hi all, is there any update on this matter?
We believe that assigning DOIs only to selected section is very important.