Is there a way to show portal announcements?


Is possible to have announcements at the portal front page?

I know about the journal announcements, but there is a way to have site announcements?

My OJS version is 3.1.1-2


At the moment not, I think I have seen a request for site level annoucements before, but could not find an issue from github for that. I do think a lot of larger sites would benefit from such a feature, so maybe you could make a suggestion to github or here as an feature request.

Thank you for the answer.

Do you think i can fake it, displaying one of journals announcements at the portal front page?

Probably yes, I mean you could create a site theme plugin and fetch the data for display using the theme plugin, but this would of course involve coding. Other option is to create a plugin that has it’s own announcements database table for site level use or you could of course fetch the announcements using a rss feed. I mean a lot of options but no quick way of doing it that I know.

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I guess, i ll have to do the coding.

Thks again for the quick feedback.

If you can do coding, you could of course ask what @asmecher thinks of site level announcements and maybe do a pull request?

Sorry. I’m not that good.


But if i succeded, i will post the code here

Hi all,

I’d be open to adding site-wide announcements. I don’t believe it would be very much additional code at all, mostly just making sure the existing announcement tools behave well when not in a journal context and adding the UI tools to the portal administration area and portal homepage.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi Alec,

I was wondering if site wide announcements were added yet? If not, I’d appreciate a bit of help on where I should start?

Hi @sahmad,

That hasn’t been a priority just yet – but as luck would have it, there’s a work in progress over at Replace announcements grid with Vue.js list panel · Issue #4081 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub to convert the announcements tools into a Vue.js-based, API-backed implementation. Anything further would be based on that (and you’re welcome to jump in there)!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

That’s great! Though in the meantime is there any way to enable announcements for the index context, since it seems that the tabForm fails to load in the index content.