Is there a way to request authors revise their metadata?

In OJS 3.x, is there any way that an editor can request that authors revise their metadata? If I find the author did not include all the fields you want them to? Requesting revisions does not seem to let them edit, only view metadata in the metadata modal.

shouldn’t you just reject an article with wrong or missing metadata?!?!

No, just like you might ask someone to re-upload because they didn’t format their document correctly, you might ask them to fix some of the metadata before you send it out for review.

Or, perhaps later in the process. In review, for example, the authors might want to update their abstract or title when they upload a revision.

Should be in 3.2 Selectively permit author metadata changes after submission · Issue #3758 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
If the issue does not cover you use case, then the issue is still open and it can probably be taken into consideration before the release.

That would do it. Thanks.