Is there a list of cross-referenced fields such as {$articleId}?

I have been asked to insert the manuscritp number in an e-mail template.

It was clear to me that a way to identify such number must exist, and finally, thanks to several threads here I found things like {$articleId} or {$submissionId}

My question is: does it exist something like a list of this kind of cross-referenceable fields?
For instance, let’s imagine I’d like to insert the author’s ORCID in the e-mail, if it is no other mail template with this field to copy-paste it, I’d find it hard to know how to identify it.

Probably for people with a background in informatics this is quite a silly or obvious question. If it is not directly related to OJS I apologise in advance.

Edit: I’m not sure which exact OJS version do I have, as the journal is hosted by the College and I just have manager role. I know it is older than 3.3.0

Hi @miguelmo,

Thanks for your post. Would you mind indicating your OJS version (e.g. 3.3.0-11)? I don’t know the answer to your question off-hand, but I’ll see if I can see if another one of our team members can assist.

PKP Team

Thank you.
I have edited the post to include the version

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