Is OJS based on a Drupal framework?

Is OJS software in any way based on the Drupal framework?

OJS uses Smarty framework.


I think it would be more accurate to say that OJS uses a proprietary framework which leverages several standard components, such as Smarty templating.

Perhaps we can see a standard framework for the 4.x release!


I arrive two years late to the conversation but, even more accurate…

  • Drupal is a generalist CMS-framework build with PHP (and using smarty as a template system).

  • Drupal 8 moved from his own framework/api to Symfony (with twig as a template system).

  • OJS is also a CMS but is not generalist, it’s focused in journal publications.

  • OJS is build with PHP over his own framework (with smarty as a template system).

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