Is OJS 3.1 a stable release?

Hi to all.

I did not understand whether OJS 3.1 is Now a stable version or not.

Should i pass to that version? Actually i use OJS 2.4.8.
Please, someone is able to list prons and cons?
Thank you

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Hi @Matteo_Gulino,

OJS 3.0.1 is stable for production use, and OJS 3.0.2 (to be released on February 1st) will be more stable still. There are still some features that were available in OJS 2.x that are not yet available in 3.x; we’ll address several of those in OJS 3.1, especially subscriptions and payments, which are not available in OJS 3.x yet.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team