Is it possible to work with a OJS fork that also includes changes in Git submodules?

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i currently have the OJS code commited to a Bitbucket repository. On each update of OJS i need to get the OJS sources and merge them manually to the Bitbucket. This almost always results in an huge time-consuming effort because i have to analyze all files for possibe changes, deletion, renames etc. The last two updates almost killed me as all files were marked as changed due to the update of the year in the licence comment in each file.

To save me the hazzle in the future i decided to create a GitHub fork to use the pull request feature in future updates. But there is a problem: i had to customize some stuff in the ui-library which itself is a git submodule hence the source files are not part of the OJS fork. Imho this means that i cannot move my customization to the OJS fork.

So the basic question is: how do i intregrate my submodule customization in a Github fork?

So lonG

Hi @j1shin,

I haven’t done this myself so it’s only a suggestion in case you haven’t tried it – but you should be able to change the .gitmodules listing in your fork of the OJS repository so that the repo URLs point to your forks. I presume you’re upgrading when new releases are made, correct? Then rebasing your (customized) OJS repository on top of the new (official) stable branch would re-apply the update containing the .gitmodules change, and you should be fine to go ahead.

Then of course you’ll have to rebase your customized forks of the submodules too – as we’re using a lot of submodules these days I’m using git submodule foreach ... commands quite a bit.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher, thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated. This sounds like a feasible solution, i will try it out.

So lonG