Is it possible to upload bulk articles


I am Kishore, I am the admin for this site

Due to covid and other related issues, we have stopped our publication for nearly 2 years and there are nearly 7k articles to be published, currently, all articles are in an unassigned section of each journal.

My questions is, can I publish these articles in a volume of 50 articles through API or is there any other way of automation possible or is it possible to upload files directly to the server and do the relevant changes on the database?

Currently, we are using OJS version

Thanks for your time and help.




OJS 2.4 is no longer supported. The firs step is to upgrade your install. You can find instructions here.

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Josh Noronha (he/him)
Systems Administrator
PKP|PS Support Team

Thank you for the reply.

If we upgrade to the latest version and use the quick submit plugin, may I know where the files will be saved in the DB?

I have checked the “articles” table in the DB, it does have some info but the filename is missing.