Is it possible to remove the login feature entirely, so that visitors to the journal site see no option to login?

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hi @tpearson

In OJS3 you can remove the login item from the navigation menu by editing the Website → Settings section in the dashboard. This wouldn’t prevent people from accessing the page directly if they knew the URL.


Also, have you already disabled user self-registration? In OJS 3.x, this is found under Users and Roles → Site Access Options → User Registration.

Thanks to both of you for your help. In > settings >> website >>> navigation menus – i can see where to edit items on the navigation menus, but the login is in a separate part of the masthead, and is not listed in the “Primary” navigation menu. I’ve attached a couple of screen shots.

What am I missing here?

The navigation in the upper right is the User Navigation menu, as opposed to the Primary Navigation menu.

Thanks. That seems logical. I was afraid to touch it (I’m very new to this system). I removed the login from the User menu, and saved. But the login on the front page didn’t go away. Often it takes a little while for changes to be updated on our page for some reason (even after I empty cache). Or maybe I need to remove more menu items (see screen capture attached). I have to say, the whole thing makes me very nervous because I’m afraid I’ll break something and won’t know how to restore it. You can see what a novice I am in this. Anyway, I’ve decided on a different now that doesn’t involve removing the login from the webpage. But thanks so much for your help.


As you note, cached files may delay the effect of a settings change, but generally this should be immediate. When I tested this (dragging Login from “Assigned” to “Unassigned” and saving) in a development 3.1.2 journal, the change was effective immediately.

Note that if you are in a single install with multiple journals, there will be a User Navigation menu specific to each journal and to the Site.

A good backup strategy, and a development copy of your system if possible, if highly recommended (especially as you experiment with changes). If you make a change and need help understanding something unexpected, just open a new topic here on the forum, and someone is likely to jump in to help.

You’ve been great. Thanks.