Is it possible to implement reCAPTCHA v3 in OJS v 3.1?

Hello! The reason for my query is if it can (and is compatible), implement reCAPTCHA v3 for OJS 3.x

I indicate the info website: reCAPTCHA v3  |  Google Developers

Thank you and I am waiting for your help.

Implementing ReCAPTCHA v3 would be primarily a re-write of the v2 functionality implemented here:

Could you please explain in details what should be changed for ReCAPTCHA v3 working under OJS

I don’t believe anyone on the PKP side has looked into this in detail yet.

From the Google documentation linked by gardbeat, Google suggests:

  • Adding ReCAPTCHA listening code to all (or many) public facing pages
  • Binding the challenge to specific actions (e.g. form submissions)
  • Interpret the response from Google

The first two bullets will involve some Smarty and Javascript changes.

The third bullet will involve the PHP changes I pointed to in the file above. Since v3 will now return a score rather than a boolean, there will probably also need to be some configuration in the backend UI to ask the administrator what scores will be considered acceptable.