Is clamV plugin still available in OJS 3.4?


We have a test instance of OJS3.4 and I am trying to find the ClamV plugin (GitHub - ulsdevteam/pkp-clamav: Clam AV plugin for PKP OJS / OMP) but it seems nowhere to be found in OJS Plugin Gallery or Installed Plugin pages. Has it been removed from 3.4?


Hi @pilas,

When plugins are not in the plugin gallery it’s likely that they’ve not yet been updated for a version if that version’s been recently released. @ctgraham might be able to speak to plans for developing that plugin.

PKP team

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We’ve only certified the ClamAV plugin with 3.3 at this time, but we do plan to work on compatibility with 3.4.

Tagging @rickhoover for his attention.