IP Anonymization GA

I am wondering how can I do the IP Anonymization for Google Analytics.
I would need to add this code to the script:

ga(‘set’, ‘anonymizeIp’, true);

…but the Plugin doesn’t allow me to edit the code.
Have you ever wondered how to reach this?
All the best,

If you are comfortable modifying the javascript within the PHP code, you will find that here:

If you are able to work with PHP and GitHub, or know a developer who can, adding an option within the plugin to be able to add ga() commands like this would make for a good enhancement and pull request.

Hi @ctgraham,

Thank you for this. I have a very basic confidence with PHP and especially with GitHub, but I can see if I can find somebody to help on this.
I also believe that an option for enabling IP Anonymization would be very useful.
All the best,