Invalid URL base in header links of OJS journal pages

Having a problem with an OJS site on a server with multiple OJS installations, where the page URLs on the header links inside the journal pages are being generated incorrectly. For example, on a page like (correct URL)
The page links in the header are being generated to look like (incorrect URL)

The /ojs/ is the path where that particular OJS site is installed, i.e. /var/www/html/ojs/
But because our virtual hosts setup points the “journalsite” subdomain directly to /var/www/html/ojs/, I have edited to set the base_url as so:
base_url[JOURNAL] = “

This works great for links inside the journal manage, for instance, (links on this page are generated without the /ojs/ in the middle)
But not for the header links on public facing journal page (i.e., HOME, ABOUT, etc. are all broken.)

So my question is, what’s the difference? Where are the header links getting their base URL from?

Thanks for the help,

Can anyone answer the question of how the links to various top-level pages in the OJS header are generated?

The header links can be configured in setup step 5.5, where you can define absolute and relative URLs - you might want to take a look whether the wrong URLs have been defined as absolute there.

I like @ojsbsb’s suggestion for the custom page links (pages/view/FAQ), but it would be odd for that to explain the HOME and ABOUT links not working.

Can you confirm that you are on OJS 2.4.8-1? What is your base_url setting in Do you have any mod_rewrite directives?

Thanks for the suggestions, all! Mystery solved: an industrious student worker had edited the theme to remove the default generated header links, and replaced them with his own links (which he had copied incorrectly.)